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U.S Ski & Snowboard streamlines athlete management with Salesforce

SaltClick set up a special system to help U.S. Ski & Snowboard handle all their important documents. We created DocuSign templates that integrate with Salesforce, so people joining events could sign easy-to-use digital forms. These forms would automatically fill in details from the Salesforce database. With this new system, U.S. Ski & Snowboard could quickly send out and get back important documents like contracts, sign-up forms, and safety releases.


U.S. Ski & Snowboard holds many programs and competitions, which involve a lot of planning. They need to collect forms from thousands of athletes, parents, and volunteers. Before working with SaltClick, they did this with paper forms sent by mail and fax, and kept track using many spreadsheets.

One big challenge was that many athletes are under 18, so their parents had to sign their forms, not the athletes themselves. This made things complicated because they didn't have a good system for handling all these forms. They tried to find automated ways to do it, but it wasn't easy. The old way of using paper and spreadsheets caused mistakes and wasted time. This also made it slow to work with new sponsors or vendors, as every contract had to be passed around for signatures.


SaltClick tackled U.S. Ski’s logistical problems by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud for data organization and DocuSign for e-signature approval. This customized system streamlined U.S. Ski’s digital storage system.

Using the Salesforce approval process feature, SaltClick built a contract approval website designed for U.S. Ski’s work. The site allowed anyone from within the organization to input a contract request, kicking off a clear, smooth, and automated contract process that was easy for managers and approvers to follow. SaltClick also created unique DocuSign templates that integrated with Salesforce.

Participants in U.S. Ski events were able to sign digital, simple-to-navigate forms that auto-filled with information from the Salesforce database. To accommodate parent signatures, SaltClick created a custom workflow that replaced the typical one-to-one signature and allowed guardians to access a link for their child’s form.


In the run-up to the 2018 season, SaltClick customized U.S. Ski’s contract process for all ski clinics in 3 months. U.S. Ski stakeholders scored a win by implementing Salesforce with DocuSign on a rapid, efficient timescale—especially for a nonprofit with a fully manual system. U.S. Ski’s Manager, who has extensive experience in digital projects with nonprofits, described the turnaround time just ”mindblowing and really, really impressive.”

SaltClick’s implementation team completed the project ahead of deadline and below budget, exceeding client’s expectations. SaltClick also added features—including automatic reminders that contracts were expiring and signatures were needed—that eliminated the stress and missed deadlines of a manual system.

Today, U.S. Ski and Snowboard is able to rapidly send and receive contracts, registration forms, and safety documents. Instead of sifting through mail and filling out spreadsheets, they enable their staff to focus on high-priority work, and allow their participants to quickly sign forms.

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