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Salesforce 101: Getting started

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that helps you better manage customer relationships. It's known for being adaptable, scaling with your business, and having many apps and ways to connect with other tools. Our Salesforce 101: Getting Started guide, will show you how the platform can make your business run smoother and grow.

What new Salesforce users should know

Salesforce is more than a customer relationship management system. It has a wide range of offerings. If you're new to Salesforce, here are three things you should know:

About Salesforce's offerings

Salesforce has different products for sales, service, marketing, and more. Our experts can explain how these tools will help your business and customers. After understanding your challenges and goals, we'll match the right products to your needs.

Customizing and growing with Salesforce

Salesforce can be customized a lot. It can be shaped to fit your business and grow with it. This means you can start with what you need now and add more features as you grow.

The benefit of being cloud-based

Since Salesforce is cloud-based, your team can use business data from anywhere, anytime. You don't need a lot of IT setup.

Main benefits of Salesforce

  • Better Customer Management: Salesforce is great at handling customer talks, improving service, and keeping track of customer info.
  • Data Insights: Salesforce's advanced tools help your team make smart choices with up-to-date data.
  • Efficiency: By automating regular tasks, you save time and can focus on bigger, more strategic projects.
  • Apps and Connections: Salesforce has a vast AppExchange marketplace with scores of apps to add more functions. It also connects well with other business tools.

Why hire a Salesforce Consultant?

Getting the most out of Salesforce means customizing it for your business. A consultant looks at your needs and shows you the best ways to use Salesforce.

What Salesforce consultants do:
  • Expert Advice: They know Salesforce well and offer advice that fits your business. They might also know about your industry and other tools you use.
  • Custom Setup: They adjust Salesforce to work well with your business processes, making it more valuable. They also help organize your work, so it's easy for your team.
  • Training and Support: Consultants train your team and offer ongoing help. This makes sure your team uses Salesforce fully.
  • Saving Money: Consultants guide you to avoid mistakes and follow best practices, saving time and money.

Is Salesforce right for you?

Consider your business needs and how Salesforce's features can solve your problems. Look at costs like subscription fees, customization, and support. Also, consider your long-term business plans and how Salesforce fits with them.

Challenges in moving to Salesforce

Switching to Salesforce can have some common pitfalls, such as:

  • Complex customization: Salesforce's many options can be too much. It can take a lot of work to set it up for your specific needs.
  • Data migration: Transferring data to Salesforce can be tricky, especially if there's a lot of it or it needs to be more well-organized.
  • Getting everyone on board: Getting all team members to use a new system can be hard, especially if they're used to older ones.
  • Training needs: Using Salesforce to its full potential is no easy feat without proper training.
  • Integrating tools: Making Salesforce work with your current tools can be tricky.
  • Costs: Planning for only some costs can lead to spending more than expected.

Starting small? Or going all in with Salesforce?

You don't have to go all or nothing with Salesforce. You can take a crawl, walk, run approach to adapt to the change. Or, you can go full steam ahead, if you want to replace your systems and start fresh.

Starting small
  • Pros: Less risk, lower starting costs, more manageable for your team to get used to, and you can adjust as you go.
  • How: Start with the main Salesforce features you need. Add more as your team gets comfortable and your needs change.

Going all in
  • Pros: Instant access to all tools, faster switch, and possibly quicker benefits.
  • How: Needs careful planning, lots of training, and more money at the start. You need a detailed plan and expert help.

Our experts can guide you at any speed. We'll figure out what you need and make a plan to reach your goals. Not sure which way to go? We can help. Book a free chat with us now.

Making a move to Salesforce easier

Here's how our Salesforce consultants can help:

  • Planning: We understand your goals with Salesforce, map your processes, and identify key issues and aims.
  • Expert Help: Our consultants have done over 500 successful Salesforce projects. They can guide you through demanding setups and connections.
  • Data Strategy: We'll help plan your data move, clean your old data, and make the move easier.
  • Training and Support: We focus on users first. We're good at training and provide helpful materials, like videos, for when they're stuck.
  • Phased Setup: We can put Salesforce in place in stages so your team can slowly get used to it and fix any problems early.
  • Feedback: We regularly ask users about their challenges and needs, then use this to make your Salesforce better.
    Get a free consultation

Moving to Salesforce is a big change, but with the right plan, it can be seamless. Whether to start small or dive in depends on your company's size, readiness, and goals. With careful planning, good training, expert advice, and focusing on getting your team. Book a free consultation now

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