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Fuel project success with our elite Salesforce talent, strategic planning, efficient onboarding, and continuous improvement strategies.​

Talent Services
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Salesforce experts at the ready

Managed by our dedicated Salesforce experts and leveraging our vast network of Salesforce talent – developers, consultants, architects, and project managers – we expedite hiring and onboarding, ensuring seamless project delivery with technical oversight and ongoing performance monitoring throughout the lifecycle.​

Proven results.

Deep knowledge. Skilled professionals.

Specialized expertise across various industries and the Salesforce ecosystem, we provide highly skilled professionals who understand your unique challenges. Our managed talent services will enable your Salesforce vision.​

Tailored to your requirements.

Flexible solutions

Our governed Talent Services delivery model is designed to scale up and down, with predictable timing and quality, as your demand fluctuates. A partnership with SaltClick will maximize both productivity and cost effectiveness of your Salesforce talent needs.​

Minimal disruptions. Enhanced outcomes.

Efficient Onboarding

We minimize downtime and maximize productivity with a fast, streamlined onboarding process. Our rigorous vetting ensures rapid deployment and seamless integration of top-tier talent, leading to a proven track record of success. ​

Talent Services benefits

Accelerate Salesforce through high quality, governed talent services teams backed by our tenured experts.

Partnership Alignment

Get value throughout the talent and services lifecycle as we build, manage and drive continual improvement.

Salesforce Experts

Salesforce is what we do! Increase your success by partnering with experts who follow a proven, scalable talent service delivery model.

Rapidly Build Salesforce Teams

Acquire talent with predictable timing and quality, whether you need one resource or multiple full teams.

Expedite Speed to Productivity

Reduce ramp up time by allowing us to apply a proven transition and onboarding approach.

Proactive Talent Management

Increase quality and retention of your Salesforce team through our talent services management approach.

Service Level Commitments

Gain predictable results and accountability through talent acquisition and delivery service levels aligned to your goals.