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How Prime Corporate Services doubled in size with Salesforce and SaltClick

Prime Corporate Services (PCS) does a lot. Serving folks who are working a side hustle, starting a small business or in the gig economy, PCS assists individuals with entity formation, tax preparation, estate planning, obtaining business credit, you name it.


Not surprisingly, as a burgeoning small business of its own, its systems were very siloed, with data in various locations (Google docs, Excel spreadsheets, even post-it notes) and multiple redundancies with no system to bring it all together – or “utter chaos,” as Darren Jaynes, COO at PCS, said.

“Our biggest pain point was that the right hand wasn't talking to the left. And even though we were really good with our processes, it helped our business scale to the point where we were at. But before Salesforce, there were always mistakes. There were always inaccuracies, and there were just a lot of things that can fall through the cracks.”

That’s when PCS began working with SaltClick to implement the full power of Salesforce.


PCS had invested in Salesforce and an implementation partner, but services provided were the basics that someone could learn just by taking a few of its Trailhead courses. Four years ago, PCS switched to SaltClick after about six months working with other consultancies, and the differences became readily apparent.

SaltClick worked closely with Darren and his team, spending hours to precisely understand their business flows, customer journeys and then worked to identify inefficiencies.

SaltClick leveraged Sales Cloud to bring all of PCS’ disparate data into a single source that was easily accessible by any team. From lead generation all the way through to customer fulfillment, from revenue producing actions to operational scenarios like billing or scheduling, it was all in the Sales Cloud platform.

“It's been insane how much we've improved from an efficiency standpoint where it's saved obviously on headcount, it's improved accuracy, so many things,” Darren said. “We are not looking back at this point.”


Now, PCS isn’t diverting employees to satisfy the multitude of manual tasks associated with its processes but rather growing headcount to focus on enterprise-level tasks that grow the business. “It's very nice to be in good hands from a technology perspective, knowing that we have SaltClick in our corner to help us grow our business as we continue to adapt and scale,” Darren said.

PCS has grown, from 25 employees when it first started working with Salesforce to now close to 100 in its core business; including some recent acquisitions, its overall size is closer to 200 full-time employees. PCS estimates its ROI is 10 times its Salesforce investment. “It's been worth every penny,” Darren said. “Yeah, I would, I would definitely recommend SaltClick and their services for any business that's in our situation. The difference with SaltClick has been so night and day and they've helped our business so much that it’s a no brainer for me.”

Darren said SaltClick is unique in its talent to maximize a company’s investment in Salesforce And, he said, any hesitation over the hefty investment in both Salesforce itself and the implementation partner was quickly erased.
“If you have Salesforce, I highly recommend employing people that know how to use it, and SaltClick is among the best implementation and Salesforce consultants that we’ve ever worked with,” he said.

With SaltClick as a partner Darren expects heady growth in the near future. He said his team is now focused on surfacing new innovations and iterations of Salesforce to continue to leverage its always evolving power. “I feel like we're strapped to a rocket ship and just holding on,” he said. “And Salesforce is going to play a heavy part in getting us there.”

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