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Flex Fleet Rental grows its offering with Salesforce

When CTO Parker Spendlove first started at Flex Fleet Rental, he was tasked with improving processes and automating menial tasks to scale business capacity while also minimizing the need for bringing in more full-time employees. After analyzing FlexFleet’s systems, Spendlove saw that vehicle management, marketing, sales, and customer service were all very manual. The company was on Salesforce, but was not using the platform to its full potential.


Flex Fleet Rental was managing over 8,000 trucks across North America using sprawling and complicated spreadsheets along with an underperforming ERP platform. These inefficient processes led to issues like lost trucks and data management difficulties, hindering the company's growth and operational performance.


SaltClick introduced the Fleet-Smart module, an authenticated Experience Cloud site powered by Salesforce, designed for fleet managers. This solution replaced less effective and more difficult to maintain technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Domo, and hard-to-use spreadsheets. With, Salesforce, Flex Fleet Rental gained innovative features like driver management, real-time speeding alerts, and multiple dashboards for vehicle telematics data, empowering managers with data-driven insights for responsible driving and fleet management.


Spendlove highlighted the transformative impact of SaltClick's work: “In the past, we didn’t have good, solid data to make decisions on... But we're in a place where our foundation is strong enough that we can now turn our attention from those types of things and move it to, ‘OK, how are we going to grow now? How are we going to expand?’”

SaltClick's Fleet-Smart solution led to a 31% reduction in fleet damage expenses in 2022, with the trend continuing into 2023. Additionally, customer engagement soared with a 22% increase in monthly logins.

And daily speeding alerts decreased by 7.5%, marking progress in safe fleet operations.

The deployment of Fleet-Smart brought remarkable results:

  • Financial Muscle: 31% decline in average damage bills in 2022.
  • Customer Engagement: 22% surge in monthly logins from April 2022 to April 2023.
  • Driver Management Adoption: 20% of renters adopted this functionality within three months of its release.
  • Safety Enhancements: Daily speeding alerts reduced from 12.78 to 11.82 on average.
  • Recognition: SaltClick was awarded the Vendor of the Year by Flex Fleet in 2022.

Flex Fleet Rental, under Parker Spendlove's leadership, has not only streamlined its operations with SaltClick's expert guidance, but also set new benchmarks in the fleet rental industry, demonstrating the transformative power of digital solutions like Salesforce.

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