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Salesforce Spring '24 Release: New features and enhancements

Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management, has raised the bar (again). The Spring ’24 Release brings new features and enhancements across multiple products, notably Experience Cloud. So let's dive into what's new together.

Driving personalized experiences with Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud, a digital experience platform (DXP), amplifies the value of data in your Salesforce core clouds like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Recognizing the value and impact of Experience Cloud, Salesforce has introduced exciting new features that drive personalized customer experiences. 

Improved search

You can now customize the layout of your search results. With Search Manager, information is easier to digest, enhancing its relevancy and accessibility. 

Flexible desktop and mobile displays

Recognizing the different needs of desktop and mobile users, Salesforce Experience Cloud now lets you set different spacing values for these devices. So, whether your users are on their phone or on their laptop, they’ll have an optimized view. 

Dynamic customizations with Lightning App Builder

Adding fields from related objects to dynamic pages 

A significant leap in designing informative and dynamic pages, the Lightning App Builder has been enhanced to make it easier to work with related object fields.

How it works:

  • You can access fields from objects related to the one you're working on.
  • There's a breadcrumb navigation at the top of the Fields tab, showing the path of the fields you've selected. This helps you keep track of your place.
  • Fields that come from related objects (cross-object relationship fields) are marked with an arrow icon (>). You can add these fields directly to your page, or click on the arrow to "drill into" more details.
  • When a cross-object field is selected, a new property displays showing how this field is related to the base object of your Lightning page.
  • Note: You can explore these relationships up to two levels deep, but polymorphic relationship fields (where the related object could be of several types) are not supported in this context.

Field visibility by device

Tailoring the user interface just got easier. You now have the ability to set visibility rules for individual fields based on the device type (like desktop or phone). Before this update, visibility rules could be applied to Field Sections and other components, but not to individual fields.

  • Where can I get? This feature is available in Lightning Experience across various Salesforce editions including Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer.
  • How can I use it?
    • When you're working on a page with Dynamic Forms enabled in the Lightning App Builder, select a field you want to modify.
    • In the properties panel, you can create a new visibility rule. You do this using the 'Device' context to determine when the field should be displayed. For example, you can set a field to be visible only when the page is viewed on a phone.
  • Example: A visibility filter might be set so that a particular field only shows up when the device is recognized as a phone.

Streamlining processes with Flow Builder

Text templates support reactivity
Enhancing user engagement and efficiency, this feature allows for the creation of dynamic flows using text templates that react in real-time to user inputs or changes.

Repeater component for screen flows

A welcome addition for anyone dealing with lists. Repeater components simplify inputting or modifying a list of items, without the hassle of navigating through multiple screens.

Learn more about Flow Builder changes. 

Dashboards, reports, and Intelligence View

Rich content in dashboard tiles

Dashboards just got a visual upgrade. Users can now add images and rich text to their dashboard tiles, so they look better and are easier to understand. 

Rearrange Lightning Report columns

Now you can easily rearrange multiple columns in Lightning reports to better control how you present data. 

Intelligence views for accounts, leads, and contacts

Get full insights and actionable data directly within the views of accounts, leads, and contacts, enhancing decision-making capabilities. 

- Customer Account Overview: This feature provides a detailed look at customer accounts. It helps you understand what customers need and see trends, which makes managing customer accounts more effective.

Example: Seeing a history of a customer's purchases can help you predict what they might want next.

- Contact Intelligence View: This provides insights about individual contacts or customers. It helps make interactions with customers more personal, improving your relationship with them.

Example: Knowing a customer's preferences or past concerns can help tailor your conversations to their interests.

- Lead Intelligence View: This offers a detailed analysis of potential sales leads. It helps identify which leads are most likely to convert into customers, making the sales process more efficient.

Example: Identifying potential customers who have shown a strong interest in your products can help you focus your sales efforts on them.

Sunset features and enforced changes

Making a shift towards more integrated and streamlined solutions, Salesforce Outlook and Inbox Mobile are being retired. Additionally, Salesforce will standardize locale formats across the platform to create a consistent user experience across the platform. 

Tap into the Spring ’24 Release 

Salesforce's Spring ’24 Release is packed with features that empower customization, streamlined workflows, and sharper insights. These enhancements, bolstered by data integration, AI, and customer relationship management, underscore Salesforce's commitment to evolving and meeting its users' needs. 

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