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Top 5 paid apps on Salesforce AppExchange

We have installed and configured a lot of amazing apps from AppExchange for our clients, but there are a few that we believe have a use case for almost every type of business that uses Salesforce. Here is a list of the top five most useful paid apps on the AppExchange.

1. Conga Composer

If you can only pay for one app from AppExchange, this should probably be it. No matter what business you are in, you will most likely have the need to generate documents. Conga Composer lets you generate any document (Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint) directly from a Salesforce record. The most common use case is generating an invoice or a proposal directly from an Opportunity. We’ve helped our clients generate invoices, contracts, DMV forms, legal forms, sales presentation, and a lot more, all with a click of a button.

Learn more about Conga Composer here!

2. DocuSign for Salesforce

What do you do with the documents you generate with Conga? Probably send them out for an e-signature. DocuSign for Salesforce allows you to merge data from any standard or custom object and send an agreement out for an e-signature, providing your customers the convenience of signing anywhere, on any device.

Learn more about DocuSign here!

3. Formstack

Formstack allows you to build web forms you can expose to external users and capture data to any object in Salesforce. One use case is sending a Survey to your customers and saving the data in Salesforce, but with its ability to create multi-page forms with dynamic pre-filled data and conditional logics, you can get very creative with how you want to use this app.

Learn more about Formstack here!

4. Chargent Payment Processing

Chargent by AppFrontier is a 100% native Salesforce payment processing application, allowing your reps to charge credit cards directly from an Opportunity, a Case, or a custom Payment object. This is especially useful for subscription based businesses or organization that have paying members. Chargent can be setup to charge automatically for recurring payments, schedule a single payment at a future date, or charge a card while you’re on the phone with a customer. And since everything is in Salesforce, you can automate processes using workflows and triggers. You can send reminders, confirmations, receipts, all without leaving Salesforce.

Learn more about Chargent here!

5. Geopointe

Geopointe has so many useful features, we can dedicate an entire blog post to it. But we don’t have to, because they have a full website dedicated to it. You can use Geopointe to locate accounts within a specific radius or by geographic shape, optimize your routes, track your assets or vehicles, check in and out of locations using your mobile phone, automatically assign leads based on territory, create heat maps, and a lot more. Visit them on AppExchange or their for a list of use cases for Sales, Service, and Marketing.

Learn more about Geopointe here!

Each of one of the apps listed here solve a different problem for businesses, and they all have alternatives, some cheaper, some more expensive, some with less reviews, and some probably with more. But these are the apps that have consistently delivered great results and value for our client base. They all have free trials that you can install and test today in your Salesforce org.

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