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NAC transforms sports with Salesforce Experience Cloud


The National Ability Center (NAC), based in Park City, Utah, with a secondary hub in Moab, champions a noble cause: facilitating outdoor recreational activities for individuals with disabilities. Their operations span ski, snowboard, mountain bike, climbing, and rafting programs, welcoming participants from all over the country throughout the year.

Hannah Kuhnhausen, the Technology Platform Specialist for NAC, emphasizes, “The shared values and common purpose between our organizations have been the cornerstone of our successful collaboration. It’s a testament to the idea that with collaboration and shared vision, we can break barriers and create impactful and positive change.”


The National Ability Center's collaboration with SaltClick wasn't just about adopting a new tool— it was about redefining instructor accountability and streamlining participants' growth.

While NAC's team was exceptional, the need to consistently and accurately chart progress notes became a must for their organization's success. SaltClick designed and executed an Experience Cloud Site for instructors, which didn't just make login and documentation simpler—but opened the door to transparency, clear communication, and data-enriched programming.


Outdoors vs. Indoors: At NAC, it’s nature first. Their staff loves the outdoors, but their desk job is suddenly calling. NAC knew it had to collect critical information and empower its staff to do it without clunky logins, especially since they’d be in and out of the office all day.

The Paper vs. Pixel Dilemma: Imagine a world where everyone’s swiping on iPads, but your organization still collects vital information in old-school forms. That was the reality for the NAC. Their instructors were stuck with printouts and impossibly complex Excel sheets. Instructors needed to collect medical and mobility details to ensure participants could learn and grow safely, but those critical details were buried in NAC’s pre-Salesforce setup.

Multiple Audiences: NAC doesn’t only serve instructors. They cater to volunteers, donors, and participants. So, they needed a flexible system that could serve the different needs of their audiences. Having worked with SaltClick on their Experience Site for participants, the NAC chose SaltClick (again) to help them simplify the instructor experience and capture critical information.


Confronted by operational hiccups, NAC found their answer in the Salesforce Experience Cloud. From humble beginnings with a straightforward, no-frills Experience Cloud Site, their journey took a dynamic turn with SaltClick wielding their UX research and custom development wand. As a result of SaltClick's Experience Cloud consulting expertise and execution, the platform evolved from static to stellar. It's now a place partcipants can easily dive in, sign up, and transact for their chosen programs.

Impressed with their first foray into Experience Cloud, NAC took another leap. This time with SaltClick by their side, they crafted a portal designed explicitly for their instructors. Before NAC's second Experience Cloud site, instructors juggled between multiple sites, even manually thumbing through paper participant records. This scattered approach threw a wrench in the works for managers trying to keep track of activities, instructors, and participants' progress.


But, with the unveiling of the new Experience Cloud portal, it was a new dawn of streamlined efficiency. Instructors now had a centralized hub: participant data, inter-departmental communication, and progress logging, all under one digital roof. This unity breathed fresh energy into NAC's operations, amplifying their ability to curate participant experiences shaped by data.

NAC has skillfully steered its operations into the modern era, courtesy of Salesforce and Experience Cloud. With seamless navigation for users and a holistic platform for instructors, the age of disjointed systems and miscommunication is history.

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