Salesforce for RV dealerships

No more chasing paper or lost details. Get a complete view of your RV business and run smoother, smarter, and more profitably with Salesforce.

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

Boost your RV dealership's productivity, sales, and customer engagement with our solutions.

360 customer views

Simplify task management and follow-ups with prospects and customers through Salesforce's unified platform—accessible anywhere, anytime.

Dashboards & reports

Get a clear view of your sales, service data, and everything in between from a single login. Make informed decisions and watch your business grow.

Account management

Create detailed customer profiles. Track preferences, budget, and real-time behavior to build stronger, more personalized relationships.

Quotes & contracts

Gather customer requirements for their RV, create customized quotes, have contracts reviewed, signed, and approved—all in one place.

Personalized marketing

Segment customers. Send them personalized messages and offers based on customer activity, past purchases, and real-time behavior.


Salesforce integrates with RV dealer management systems, financial tools, schedulers, and retail solutions to streamline business operations.

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Upgrade to seamless operations with Salesforce solutions and our RV expertise.

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Got questions? We've got answers.

How can Salesforce specifically benefit my RV dealership?

Salesforce is super customizable. We're done some pioneering work with Giant RV and other RV dealerships to create solutions purpose built for your industry. Our foundational solutions can easily be adjusted to your business needs. Salesforce enables you to gain visibility over your business operations, sales pipeline, and customers in one place.

Is Salesforce easy to integrate with our existing systems?

Yes. Salesforce integrates with dealer management systems, inventory management systems, and much more. Our team specializes in integrations and have solid blueprints to bring the data you need into one place.

What is the cost of implementing Salesforce?

The cost varies. It depends on what Salesforce products you want to implement. Another cost is the amount of customization you want to make to the Salesforce cloud you purchase. We can help you map out your goals and recommend the best course of action to protect your bottom line and invest in the right tools to support your growth.

How customizable is Salesforce for my RV dealership's needs?

Salesforce is an ultra-powerful platform. Unlike other customer relationship management systems, it's completely customizable. It gives you the freedom to organize your dashboards and the information you want to collect. You won't have to compromise or settle for an automotive CRM that was never built for your dealership's needs.

Can Salesforce help in managing RV sales leads and follow-ups?

Yes. Salesforce is an excellent tool for managing RV sales leads and follow-ups. It enables you to capture leads from multiple sources. Set automated tasks and reminders. Monitor each lead's progress through your sales funnel. You can also manage your leads on-the-go with Salesforce's mobile app. Salesforce's versatility makes it an ideal CRM for the RV sales industry, ensuring no lead is missed and improving conversion chances.

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