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Giant RV gains full visibility over its business with Salesforce


Giant RV was in a time crunch. CDK was about to sunset their CRM. They had to act fast. But they did not want to compromise or opt for a CRM that wasn't tailored to the nuances of the RV sales, inventory, and customers. That's when CDK recommended SaltClick for their automotive expertise and successful track record of Salesforce implementations for dealerships.


Giant RV, the largest volume RV dealer in California in 2022, revolutionized its business operations by implementing Salesforce. Under the guidance of Michael Jacque, the Corporate General Manager with over 15 years of CRM experience, Giant RV overcame significant challenges and redefined their customer relationship management, gaining complete visibility and efficiency in their operations.


Giant RV was struggling with outdated CRM systems that were inefficient and not tailored for the unique requirements of RV dealerships. These systems involved duplicate efforts, excessive manual input, and were not adaptable to the specific needs of different RV makes and models. The imminent discontinuation of their existing system, coupled with the shortcomings of available alternatives, posed a significant challenge.


Salesforce's flexibility and adaptability, combined with SaltClick's expertise, enabled the creation of a CRM system that was specifically tailored to the unique needs of RV dealerships. This solution provided a user-friendly interface, efficient task management, and integrated analytics, all of which were lacking in their previous systems.


SaltClick's Salesforce implementation refined Giant RV’s business operations. The new system allowed for seamless management across their four dealership locations, providing real-time updates and complete visibility at both the store and managerial levels.

It drastically reduced the time required for setting appointments and completing tasks, and its user-friendly design facilitated rapid training and implementation. Moreover, the system's adaptability and customization enabled Giant RV to stay ahead of competitors and effectively manage their inventory and customer relationships.

Key Benefits for RV Dealerships

  • Adaptability & Customization: The Salesforce system was highly adaptable to the specific processes of each dealership, allowing for personalized implementation.
  • Efficiency & User-Friendly Design: It streamlined operations, reducing keystrokes and simplifying usage for salespeople.
  • Positive Impact on Sales Process: Salesforce enhanced the sales process, improving customer interaction and data quality.
  • Leadership in Digital Adoption:Giant RV set a new standard in digital adoption within the RV dealer industry.
  • Multi-Dealership Management:The system enabled effective management of inventory across multiple locations.

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