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What is an athlete portal and why do I need one?

An athlete portal is an online hub to support athletes. Built on Salesforce Experience Cloud, the portal gives athletes everything they need, like tools and help, all in one spot. It also helps athletes train better, grow in their sport, take care of their health, and even manage their finances. Think of it as a giant digital toolbox that empowers athletes to be and do their best.

Supporting athletes throughout their journeys

The athlete portal is great for learning new things and preparing athletes for different jobs in the future. In essence, it is a holistic solution that fosters an environment where athletes can thrive, both in their sport and beyond. In short, it connects athletes to resources and support they need throughout their careers.

Customize athlete portals to your needs

At SaltClick, we’ve built multiple athlete portals. Most notably, the Team USA athlete portal called Agora, for the U.S Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Our solution stands out as a centralized hub for personalized and general information sharing. 

The customized athlete portal caters to the diverse needs of athletes. It goes beyond communication, extending to crucial areas such as education and skills development, offering resources for learning, knowledge enhancement, and activities aimed at nurturing personal development. Book a demo with us to see the athlete portal in action. 

Key features of athlete portals

  • Personalized communication: Tailored updates and information, ensuring athletes receive relevant and targeted communications.
  • Education and skills development: Access to resources focused on enhancing knowledge and skills, crucial for athletes' growth and development.
  • Event management and logistics: Information on upcoming events, including logistical details, schedules, and updates.
  • Calendaring and scheduling: Helps in managing schedules, including training, competitions, and other commitments.
  • Performance tracking and analysis: Tools for monitoring and analyzing athletic performance, setting and tracking personal goals.
  • Health and nutrition: Resources for managing aspects like strength, conditioning, and nutrition, critical for athlete health and performance.
  • Benefits tracking: An easy way to keep track of various benefits provided to athletes by your organization.
  • Extended Functions: Potential for integration of additional features like healthcare management, financial planning, and more with Salesforce’s AppExchange marketplace and vast partner ecosystem.

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Discover the power of our Athlete Portal, where professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes command their sports journey. Built on Experience Cloud, it's a tailor-made hub for seamless athlete-organization communication collaboration. See its impact in action.

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