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Creating a single source of truth for Sports with Salesforce

How can Salesforce create a single source of truth for sports organizations? Great question. Let's dive in. 

The challenge of disconnected data in sports organizations

Sports organizations have a lot of data. They often struggle with siloed data across departments such as ticketing, merchandise, fan engagement, and athlete management. In short, they have separate systems for different areas of the fan and athlete experience. This makes it difficult for sports organizations’ staff. Especially if your organization has a skeleton crew to manage all these areas and systems. And, so, with every log-in, your staff experiences more friction. Moreover, context switching saps your staff’s productivity, causing them to lose focus and precious time. 

Integrating data for enhanced sports experiences

Salesforce integrates data from disparate sources into a unified platform. It provides a holistic view of an organization's operations. So, this is more than just connecting and collecting data. It’s making your data accessible and actionable. It leads to better decision-making and personalized experiences for anyone who engages with you.

Unlocking the goldmine of data in sports organizations

Maybe your organization has been collecting data for two years, five years, 10 years, or even 20 years. All that data is a goldmine. But if you don’t have the tools to mine it, it’s just sitting there collecting dust. It might even collapse under the pressures of aging systems and processes. 

Modernization and cloud-based solutions in sports

Many sports organizations are burdened with outdated systems. Ones that are no longer equipped to handle modern data needs or can integrate with new technologies. Salesforce offers a cloud-based solution that is continuously updated, with new features constantly being released. Our Salesforce consultants are lifelong learners. With 200+ certifications, we make it a priority to keep up with Salesforce and other technologies that can help sports organizations drive exceptional experiences. 

Salesforce Experience Cloud Athlete Portal - Personalized landing experience for athletes

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The importance of mobile access

Today, mobile accessibility is everything. It ensures your athletes, staff, and fans can access information and perform the tasks they need from anywhere, on any device. Mobile is a must, if you want to deliver a modern sports experience. Salesforce’s user interface is mobile-friendly, and the solutions we build for sports in Experience Cloud can turn into mobile apps for iOS and Android with Mobile Publisher. 

And here’s an example of how these mobile apps can benefit you: Imagine a fan waiting in a supermarket line. They remember they need to buy tickets for your event. That is an opportunity if they can easily select their tickets and pay right from their phone. But if they struggle and get frustrated, that means a lost sale.

Re-engaging fans with marketing

On the other hand, with Salesforce, you could have SMS integrated. Let’s say the customer hasn’t finished checkout. But it’s their turn to pay for groceries. They’re interrupted and don’t finish. Salesforce can show your staff that the customer didn’t complete the checkout. It allows them to send a text message or an email to remind the fan to follow through, winning back what would have been a lost sale.

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Meeting elevated customer expectations with Salesforce

Now, let's think about Amazon for a second. You go there to buy a new kettlebell. You can see what kettlebells you’ve purchased in the past. Order the same kettlebell you ordered a year ago. If that’s sold out, you’ll see lookalike recommendations varying in price. You can read reviews, purchase what you need on a desktop, tablet, or mobile, and get delivered the next day. 

Amazon's Buy Again makes it easy for customers to find and repurchase items they've bought

Retail has reshaped customer and fan expectations. In order to meet them, your organization has to evolve and make journeys and actions simple. Amazon’s branding doesn’t have the flashiest animations, but it’s sure easy to buy and get in touch across multiple channels if you get stuck.  While brands focus on the extraordinary experiences, it’s making the ordinary experiences like checkout, registration, and chat easy and delightful for fans and athletes that will set your sports organization apart. So yes, technology is an investment. But it’s investing in the future of your fan base, your athletes, and the health and future of your organization. 

Predictive analytics and AI in sports

While AI and analytics play a big role on the field, they’re less common off the field. But these technologies enable proactive service. So much of business today is about anticipating needs and preferences. Salesforce has predictive analytics and AI capabilities that enable sports organizations to not only understand past and present behaviors but also predict what their fans and athletes will need in the future. This empowers you to shape customer journeys, product offerings, and messaging based on real-time customer insights. 

Salesforce as a game changer in sports management

What Salesforce does is tackle the challenges of disconnected data, aging systems, paper processes, and legacy digital processes. It integrates with everything and delivers the mobile-first experiences that fans and athletes crave. It sets the right foundation for growth. Like building blocks, it can be configured and customized to your needs and wants. It enables your staff to do more and provide better sports experiences while making their lives and jobs easier. For fans and athletes, it connects them to your brand and enables them to have lasting, personalized experiences. 

So, it’s a win-win for everyone. And how often does that happen? 

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