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Modernizing sports technology off the field

When most people think of sports, they don’t consider the back end and what makes the sport work, let alone any use of technology beyond what you might see on TV. Modern sports have evolved and so has the technology that supports it. There are so many new tools that enhance the performance and experiences of athletes and coaches. Off-the-field technology hasn’t quite kept pace with wearables, AR/VR, and recovery therapies, but things are starting to change with Salesforce. 

Today’s fans expect a certain caliber of experience largely shaped by the retail industry. To meet those expectations and manage customer relationships, sports organizations need to modernize by adopting a unified and connected system. 

Create exceptional sports experiences with Salesforce 

Many sports organizations we meet with have aging databases, with information scattered everywhere, data, for all intents and purposes - that isn’t serving their fans, athletes, or staff. So modernizing off the field starts with connecting the disconnected. Modernizing technology not only makes your data actionable but also gives your team the ability to be proactive. Think of Salesforce as a big box of LEGOs. 

You can use it to build virtually anything you want. Our sports experts work with you to spot your current friction points and map your team’s workflows to see where Salesforce can have the biggest impact towards your goals. 

How Salesforce enables personalized fan experiences 

Let's say I'm a season ticket holder, and I have a really terrible experience at a concession stand. I write a scathing email. Two days pass. No one reaches out to me. Now, imagine how infuriated I’d be if I received an email from you asking for a generous donation. In this example, a concession worker added an ingredient I’m allergic to in my meal, despite letting them know numerous times. Worse, they did not apologize. We’ve all had similar experiences, but most of us can be forgiving and tolerant if someone reaches out, acknowledges us, and offers a path forward. But, if you don’t have Salesforce, your staff might not have visibility into my case because it’s sitting in a database or jotted down in someone’s notebook with a reminder to call.

As a result, you risk losing a season ticket holder. Or, having me leave a negative review online that will taint others’ perception of your brand. Worst case, that tweet or comment goes viral and creates serious disenchantment with your team or sport. An extreme scenario, but encountering a fan or customer at a bad time can result in severe issues. Salesforce plays a crucial role in mitigating the blowback. 

Salesforce AI and Sports

AI and predictive analytics have many applications, such as injury prevention and athletic performance modeling, but they can also be applied to fan behavior. Let’s say a fan hasn’t purchased anything in a while, you can segment them into a win-back campaign segment using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With Salesforce, you may see that their preferred communication channel is SMS, so you can send them customers like them a discount or give them early bird access to new merch.

In the second scenario, a new fan joins your community. You can send them a welcome email or welcome text and create that nice first touch people expect. Based on their subsequent interactions with your brand you can segment them into campaigns to drive engagement and revenue for your sports organization.

Driving efficiency at sports organizations with Salesforce

Sports staff often struggle with outdated paper-based systems and complex tools. These tools involve multiple logins and sap productivity due to context switching. Because staff need to download and process data in separate systems, it delays getting insights and makes them less relevant with every passing moment. In contrast, Salesforce provides real-time data processing, ensuring information is current and useful. 

Modern document management systems

Modern tools are essential for efficiently handling customer inquiries and athlete documents. Using an email chain for document submission can lead to errors and complications. An eSignature tool (like DocuSign) integrated with Salesforce can streamline this process, making it more seamless for everyone involved. Modernizing technology isn't just about adopting advanced technologies like AR or VR. It's about creating a solid foundation for customer relationships based on a great experience. And it involves organizing teams and departments around experience with tools like Salesforce.  

Work with proven Sports technology experts

Our work with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee has improved athlete experiences through our athlete portal built on Experience Cloud. Our sports practice offers a range of solutions, from athlete management to fan engagement to multichannel marketing. 

If you're interested in learning more or have questions, contact us.

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