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How Salesforce fixes fragmented fan experiences

How can Salesforce fix fragmented fan experiences? To answer this question, we’ll cover five types of fans, why their journeys are broken, and how to solve them with Salesforce solutions. 

Meet our five sports fans 

We’ve got high-flying VIPs, the bright-eyed new fans, the die-hard followers, casual followers, and the 'here-for-the-beer' gang who hit the games for the good times and gourmet fare. Their fan journeys? More fragmented than a shattered smartphone screen. Enter Salesforce, a cloud-based solution that can stitch these experiences together into a seamless fan journey.

The 5 sports fans and how to drive better experiences

1. VIPs

Disjointed communication and siloed data and systems mean VIP sports fans often don’t get or see personalized offers or exclusive content. Sometimes, this happens because of a lack of integration between ticketing platforms and customer profiles, leading to missed opportunities for special treatment or seat upgrades. In addition, VIP events might need to be better-coordinated with their preferences or schedules.

Salesforce solutions:

  • Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, personalized and timely communication can be sent to VIPs about exclusive offers, events, and content. 
  • Salesforce Service Cloud can integrate ticketing systems to provide a holistic view of the VIP's preferences, enabling tailored experiences like preferred seating or exclusive access.
  • Salesforce CRM can track VIP preferences and history, ensuring every interaction is personalized and relevant.

2. New fans

New fans might receive generic marketing messages, leading to less engagement. There could be inadequate onboarding or educational content about the team and the game, leading to disinterest. New fans might miss out on community-building opportunities.

Salesforce solutions:

  • Through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can create a welcoming onboarding journey with tailored content about the team, the sport, and fan culture.
  • Create a Salesforce Experience Cloud site to engage them in fan communities and forums.
  • Fans can receive personalized recommendations for merchandise or game tickets based on their early interactions gleaned from Salesforce analytics.

3. Diehard followers

Diehard followers may be receiving overwhelming or irrelevant communication, leading to disengagement. They may need more recognition for their loyalty or contributions. And they may be missing opportunities for deeper engagement through content or experiences.

Salesforce solutions:

  • Your team can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send targeted, relevant content and offers, avoiding spammy communications.
  • You can implement a loyalty program and reward diehard fans for their engagement and purchases.
  • Use Salesforce CRM to track their interactions and preferences, offering personalized content like player interviews or behind-the-scenes access.

4. Casual followers

Casual followers might feel overlooked in communications primarily targeting more engaged fans. They may receive irrelevant offers or content, leading to a disconnect. Also, the lack of personalized engagement tactics leads to sporadic attention and interaction drop-offs.

Salesforce solutions:

  • Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send casual, engaging content that is manageable, like game highlights or simple updates. Salesforce Advertising Studio can target casual followers with games or merchandise ads aligning with the times they are most likely to engage.
  • You can also implement Salesforce Feedback Management to survey their preferences and tailor future communications.

5. Social attendees

These fans often receive irrelevant team or game-centric communications. They may be more in offers related to their interests like stadium amenities, food, and drink specials. A poor integration of their experience with the stadium's features often causes them to disengage. 

Salesforce solutions:

  • Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send social fans information about stadium events, gatherings, and special offers on food and drinks.
  • Integrate Salesforce CRM with in-stadium service apps to offer easy access to amenities, seat upgrades, or special deals.
  • Personalize their game-day experience using Salesforce Service Cloud, ensuring they receive alerts and offers that enhance their social experience.

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So wave goodbye to one-size-fits-all fan experiences. With Salesforce's toolbox, you can tailor-make each fan's journey. Send them messages that feel like they’re written just for them and get insights so sharp you know what a fan wants before the fan does. And the best part? It’s real, it’s here, and it’s Salesforce. Want to see how it turns the game around for your fans? Let’s chat. Click here to book a demo and see the magic in action. 

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