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Empowering student athletes with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Being a student-athlete is not only a tremendous honor but also a big responsibility. As someone who played tennis in high school and college, I get those challenges firsthand. Juggling sports schedules, academics, health paperwork, can be overwhelming. That’s why today’s students need modern systems that cater to their dynamic lifestyles and enable them to manage their athletic and academic lives on campus and on the go. 

Having developed sports solutions for organizations like the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, US Ski and Snowboard, and the National Ability Center, we've seen the hurdles that instructors, coaches, and athletes face. The key to solving those challenges is a user-first approach: understanding each person’s needs and journeys to create a system that reflects their activities and boosts productivity on their preferred devices.

How Salesforce Experience Cloud enhances college sports

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital experience platform transforming how universities interact with and support their student-athletes. This customizable, branded portal streamlines information, reducing friction and enhancing both the staff and student experience.

Transforming university-student interactions with athlete portals

Branded portals

Experience Cloud portals, tailored to each university's branding, provide a personalized blend of academic and athletic support. These interactive athlete portals feature personalized dashboards and centralize various aspects of a student-athlete's life, ensuring they see only relevant information and can access comprehensive resources with ease.

Example of an Experience Cloud portal's landing page
Simplifying management and self-service

From managing athletic facilities to including a comprehensive knowledge base, these portals address challenges like scheduling conflicts and redundant bookings. With self-service capabilities, student-athletes gain independence, and staff can focus on more critical tasks.

Personalized calendar and student dashboard
On-the-go access

Older tools often fail to meet the needs of today’s mobile-centric students. Experience Cloud sites, transformed into mobile apps with Salesforce’s Mobile Publisher, offer real-time notifications and a mobile-optimized experience, ensuring resources are always within reach.

Ushering a new era for college sports 

Salesforce Experience Cloud is not just enhancing the student-athlete experience; it's reshaping university sports management. By providing a unified, efficient, and engaging platform, it paves the way for academic and athletic success. Next, we're going to explore how different athletes can benefit from Experience Cloud. We'll see how portals can support your athlete community, but still feel unique for each user. 

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