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Transforming National Ability Center with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Hannah Kuhnhausen serves as the Technology Platform Specialist for the National Ability Center (NAC), a nonprofit organization based in Park City, Utah, with a secondary location in Moab, Utah. NAC’s mission is to aid people with disabilities in participating in outdoor recreation. This includes ski and snowboard programs, mountain bike and climbing programs, and even rafting in southern Utah. They operate year-round, serving people from across the country.

“The shared values and common purpose between our organizations have been the cornerstone of our successful collaboration. It’s a testament to the idea that with collaboration and shared vision, we can break barriers and create impactful and positive change.”

Hannah Kuhnhausen, Technology Specialist, National Ability Center (NAC)

The Challenge:

Balancing technology and outdoor enthusiasm presented a challenge for NAC. Given its operation in the nonprofit industry, the organization lagged in the adoption of technology. Moreover, most of the NAC staff, being outdoor enthusiasts, were not thrilled about spending extensive time at their desks.

As such, the organization’s practices were starting to show signs of age. They were caught in a transition phase, moving away from heavy reliance on paper forms and towards a more modern, digital approach.

The challenge also lay in understanding the types of people they serve: participants, volunteers, and donors. Gathering data about these individuals was essential but challenging to keep organized and easily accessible on paper and in spreadsheets.

When working with people with disabilities, collecting and tracking a variety of data—from medical information to mobility history—is essential to ensure their safety and the quality of the experience NAC provides.

The Solution:

In response to these challenges, NAC turned to Salesforce Experience Cloud. They initially started with a simple, unbranded website. However, over time, with SaltClick’s expertise in user experience (UX) research and custom development, they were able to transform this site into a more interactive and engaging platform. The revamped site now offers participants a user-friendly experience where they can effortlessly discover, register for, and make payments for various programs.

Encouraged by the success of their initial Experience Cloud site, NAC further collaborated with SaltClick to create a Experience Cloud Site tailored to their instructors’ unique needs.

Before this change, the instructors had to navigate through as many as five different websites and sift through physical copies of participant profiles to gather what they needed. The fragmented experience also created difficulties for managers in tracking participants and programs.

The introduction of the second Experience Cloud Site dramatically streamlined these processes. Instructors can now access a single, integrated site where they can view participant data, share insights across departments, and make progress notes. This consolidation of information has led to improved coordination within NAC, enhancing their ability to offer superior experiences to their participants.

The Results:

NAC has succeeded in modernizing its operations through the use of Salesforce and the Experience Cloud. They have made it easier for participants to find and register for programs. And, have given instructors a one-stop shop for all the data they need, reducing the friction, drain, and miscommunication that used to happen with multiple disconnected systems.

As result, the NAC is more productive and can focus on what it does best: providing valuable experiences through adaptive sport and recreation without having to worry about information falling through the cracks.

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The Partnership:

NAC’s relationship with SaltClick was developed through a shared connection with US Ski and Snowboard. SaltClick had created a portal for US Ski and Snowboard, which was in a similar sport environment in Park City, Utah. Seeing SaltClick’s proven track record and hearing high praise for their work, NAC decided to partner with us.

The Impact:

The introduction of the instructor portal brought about a significant change in accountability within the organization. Staff members were great, but ensuring they filled out progress notes on every lesson became more straightforward and more critical to NAC’s success and the growth of the participants.

NAC’s goal was to foster independence in participants. They aimed to track the journey of a participant from the start of a lesson, with the eventual goal of the participant feeling comfortable enough to venture out without the need for NAC’s lessons. By integrating this data into their systems instead of relying on Excel spreadsheets or paper forms, they found it much easier to understand what was happening within their programs.

Future Vision:

NAC’s digital transformation, backed by SaltClick’s expert guidance and execution, has not only streamlined their operations but also laid the groundwork for exciting data-driven possibilities.

“We value our partnership with SaltClick greatly and are excited to continue our work together. The future holds many possibilities, and we are eager to keep pushing the boundaries, innovating, and creating meaningful change.”

Hannah Kuhnhausen, Technology Specialist, National Ability Center (NAC)

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