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Transforming banking relationships with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customers have more choices than ever before. Many banking customers are increasingly relying on payment platforms like Venmo and PayPal to send and receive money. Others are embracing neobanks, which Forbes describes as "fintech firms that offer apps, software and other technologies to streamline mobile and online banking." 

To deliver the personalized experiences and service modern banking customers expect, banks need to embrace technologies that enable seamless multichannel interactions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one such solution. It can help banks deliver powerful, integrated marketing campaigns and share those insights with other areas of the business.

What does Salesforce Marketing Cloud do for banks?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud's primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, managing, and optimizing customer journeys. The platform enables banks to engage with customers through personalized, relevant communications across multiple channels, including email, social media, mobile, and web.

Attractive Features and Solutions for Banks

  • Journey Builder: Allows banks to create and automate personalized customer journeys, enhancing customer engagement at every touchpoint.
  • Email Studio: Enables the design and delivery of personalized email campaigns, a critical tool for customer communication in banking.
  • Social Studio: Banks can monitor and engage with customers on social media, allowing for real-time interaction and customer service.
  • Advertising Studio: Helps in managing advertising campaigns across various platforms, crucial for customer acquisition.
  • Data Management: Provides robust data management and segmentation tools, essential for understanding customer needs and behavior.
  • AI & Predictive Analytics: AI-powered analytics help in predicting customer needs and behaviors, enabling proactive service and marketing strategies.

Problems solved for banks and their customers

Banks often struggle with offering personalized experiences to their diverse customer base. Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses customer data and AI-driven analytics to tailor communications and offers, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. Let's take a closer look.

Tailoring banking experiences for different customer segments

Sarah, a young professional and Mr. Anderson, a retiree; two banking customers that Salesforce Marketing Cloud can segment

Meet Sarah, a young professional who prefers digital banking, and Mr. Anderson, a retiree who values personalized service. Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses AI-driven analytics to segment customers like Sarah and Mr. Anderson, delivering customized content that resonates with their unique preferences. Sarah receives digital product recommendations and financial tips through her banking app, while Mr. Anderson gets personalized emails about retirement plans and invites to exclusive in-branch seminars.

Cross-channel personalization for enhanced customer experience

Consider the case of Carlos, a frequent traveler, who is looking for a complete banking solution. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, his bank tracks his interactions across channels, offering timely travel insurance options via email, followed by a personalized offer on a travel credit card through a mobile notification. This seamless cross-channel communication ensures that Carlos feels valued and understood.

Carlos, a banking customer with an affinity for travel

So much of marketing today is about collecting real-time data and acting on it in a timely and personalized way, Salesforce enables that and helps you share data seamlessly with other teams like sales and customer service for a connected experience.

Customer acquisition and retention

Emily, a college student and new banking customer has a seamless onboarding experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud's onboarding flow


Emily, a college student, signs up for a new bank account. Salesforce Marketing Cloud automates the onboarding process, sending her a series of welcome emails, each outlining different banking services and educational content. This flow helps nurture a new relationship and gradually introduces Emily to your bank's other products.

John, a banking customer who stays engaged via predictive analytics

Preventing Customer Churn

When a long-time customer, John, starts reducing his account activity, Salesforce Marketing Cloud's predictive analytics flags this change. The bank proactively reaches out with a personalized email, enquiring about his experience and offering a financial advisory session. This timely intervention helps in retaining John, who was considering switching banks.

Boosting customer engagement and interest

Linda, a freelance writer and banking customer gets a financial literacy campaign via Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Alex, an entrepreneur learns more about investment and growth opportunities for his business

Interactive Campaigns for Greater Engagement

To increase engagement, a bank launches an interactive financial literacy campaign using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Customers like Linda, a freelance writer, receive engaging content through emails and social media, inviting them to participate in webinars and contests. This not only educates them but also strengthens their connection with the bank.

Event-Triggered Marketing for Relevant Offers

After noticing a significant deposit in his account, Salesforce Marketing Cloud triggers a personalized investment opportunity message to Alex, an entrepreneur. This not only shows Alex that his bank understands his needs but also opens up avenues for further financial growth.

Empowering banking staff

Rachel, a banking customer service representative gets a complete view into every customer and is better equipped to assist them

Enhanced Staff Experience for Better Customer Service

Bank employees, like customer service representative Rachel, use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to get a 360-degree view of the customer. When dealing with complex customer queries, she has access to their history, preferences, and past interactions, enabling her to provide informed, personalized assistance.

Streamlining Internal Communications

For internal communication, Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps share information swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that all staff, from branch managers to tellers, are on the same page regarding new policies or products.

Learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Banks

Salesforce Marketing Cloud stands as a transformative tool for banks. By harnessing its power, banks can not only meet but exceed the customer's evolving demands. Personalization, customer journey optimization, and enhanced internal communication are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers. For more information, book a personalized demo.

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