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The big misconceptions about Salesforce

One of the most challenging parts of our work is getting past the misconceptions that auto dealership owners and executives have about Salesforce. They sometimes come into the process believing things that aren’t accurate. As a result, they hold off on making a move that could help them boost sales, lower costs, and unlock all kinds of new efficiencies within their businesses.

There are a handful of these misconceptions out there, of course, but none is so prevalent as the idea that Salesforce is just too big and complex for an auto dealer to use. It’s true that Salesforce can be an enterprise-level solution for Fortune 500 companies. It’s a huge platform with lots of smaller features and applications built in. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too big or complicated for an auto dealership of any size. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it can adapt to almost any use case.

To help you understand why, and what it could mean for your auto dealership, let’s look at a few things you must know…

Salesforce Does Whatever You Need It To

The beauty of having a huge CRM platform that can run multinational corporations is it can also be adapted to do whatever you need. Whether you want to keep track of customers, optimize your marketing activities, maintain a schedule for your service department, or just sell more cars and trucks, it’s the right tool for the job. This can be difficult for people to understand, but the most important part of the process is deciding how you want to apply the many parts of Salesforce, as well as which parts to disregard. Then you end up with the exact set of tools you need.

It’s All a Matter of Setup and Workflows

Because it’s so versatile and customizable, getting the most from Salesforce is all about imagining a more efficient dealership. Then, you set up different workflows and processes to schedule tasks automatically, share information between sales and service departments, or generate reports to tell you about the health of your business. In other words, all the hard work happens at the beginning. Then, the CRM helps you take care of the details without any additional stress.

Getting Started With Salesforce Is Easy

Does it sound like setting up Salesforce for your dealership is a major undertaking? It probably would be if you had to do it on your own. But with the right implementation partner on your side, it’s a matter of answering questions and thinking about how you want your dealership to run.

In fact, new clients constantly tell us that the process of getting started is easier and less expensive than they had expected. That’s especially true due to our industry experience, not to mention a former auto executive on staff. In other words, we know how to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The Best Way to Learn About Salesforce for Auto Dealers

If you want to know what an advanced CRM like Salesforce could do for your business, then don’t settle for vague or half answers. Contact our team today to schedule a free demo and consultation to get the insights you need.

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