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Mattioli Automotive Group streamlines operations with Salesforce


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Mattioli Automotive Group (MAG), a prominent Ferrari dealership in North America, has been a SaltClick client since 2019. With four rooftops in Beverly Hills, Westlake, South Bay, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles, MAG represents the pinnacle of luxury car sales. They replaced their previous CRM system with Salesforce, integrating Pardot and Sales Cloud.


MAG's reputation as a leading Ferrari dealership contrasted starkly with their internal business processes. The primary challenge was the siloed nature of their operations, stunting collaboration and data sharing among their unique network of factory-authorized Ferrari dealers. As a result, this fragmentation led to significant delays in report generation and analytics, as data integration from various systems into Excel files took time and prolonged effort, eating into teams' productivity.


SaltClick, a Salesforce implementation partner, introduced Sales Cloud across the MAG auto group. This solution provided a comprehensive Customer 360 view, enhancing the sales team's ability to foster lasting relationships and the marketing team's capacity to engage customers effectively.

Sales Cloud's integration with third-party sources and CDK ensured a holistic customer view, streamlining communication and lead capture processes.


SaltClick's Sales Cloud implementation unified the dealership's operations under a single Salesforce organization, allowing for real-time analytics and a consolidated dashboard for executives. The Customer 360 views captured every interaction, facilitating a cohesive effort from sales, marketing, finance, and service teams.

As a result of SaltClick's work, MAG could deliver a more personalized and seamless customer journey, including:

  • Real-time analytics and a unified dashboard provided executives with immediate insights.
  • Customer 360 views enabled more tailored and effective customer engagement strategies.
  • Marketing teams leveraged dynamic lists from Pardot for targeted lease retention campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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