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Why your marine dealership needs Salesforce

Seasonality, complex inventory, long sales cycles. Sound familiar? Marine dealership challenges differ from other dealers because of the nature of products and markets. Often, generic CRMs don’t offer the features they need to run their businesses. 

In this blog, we’ll cover why marine dealerships need Salesforce. In short, to streamline operations, gain visibility over your business, and drive personalized customer service. 

Why generic marine CRMs fall short

Most marine CRMs can’t handle the unique needs of the marine industry—they buckle under the pressure of trying to track boat models, service histories, and maritime regulations. 

  • Lack of customization: Most generic CRMs don’t offer specific fields and out-of-the-box data tracking. They are difficult to customize and often introduce more complexity to your teams’ workflows. 
  • Limited integrations: Another hurdle with generic CRMs is limited integration capabilities. Integrations allow you to connect your CRM to systems like inventory management, financial software, or regulatory databases. Salesforce is API-driven and has a vast network of third-party apps and partners, giving you many options.
  • Poor user adoption: Generic marine CRMs may not align with your dealership’s workflow. As a result, your staff doesn’t use the CRM and finds time-consuming workarounds, limiting your visibility over your business and customers. 

How Salesforce closes marine CRM gaps 

Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, addresses these challenges in several ways:

  • Extensive customization: Salesforce lets you create custom fields and objects to track specific data relevant to marine dealerships, like boat models, specifications, service histories, and warranty information.
  • Deep integration: Salesforce can integrate with numerous systems, such as inventory management and financial software, providing a unified platform for managing all aspects of your dealership business. 
  • Easy to scale: Salesforce can scale to meet the fluctuating needs of your marine dealership, handling peak seasons and expanding inventory. 
  • Advanced analytics: Salesforce has sophisticated analytics and reporting features to help your marine dealerships understand customer behaviors, predict trends, and make confident data-driven decisions.
  • Seamless customer relationship management: Salesforce creates a single source of truth for an industry with long sales cycles. It centralizes customer details into unified profiles to simplify maintaining long-term customer relationships.
  • Anywhere, anytime access: Salesforce is mobile-friendly, so your teams can access the system from anywhere on their desktop or the go. 
  • Support and training: Salesforce provides extensive support and training resources. Trailhead, their online learning platform, offers self-paced training and certifications. 

At SaltClick, our team is known for our documentation and training. Each Salesforce instance is unique, so online learning is a starting point, but to master and use the tool to its full potential, we work with your team to drive a smooth transition. 

Get started with Salesforce.

Salesforce empowers marine dealers to understand and anticipate customer needs, creating a personalized buying experience. It helps you elevate your customer experience and gain more visibility over your business. 

Book a free demo to learn how Salesforce can streamline your operations and enhance your customer experience. 

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