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Why Salesforce is the upgrade your auto dealership’s service department needs

Do you ever feel like your service department isn’t generating quite as much revenue as it could be? After all, you have customers and sales skills, as demonstrated by the fact that your dealership moves plenty of cars and trucks. And, you have equipment, insights, and technicians none of your competitors can match. All that’s missing is the actual results.

It could be that a better customer relationship management (CRM) platform – specifically, Salesforce – could be the key to unlocking that cash flow. Although most auto dealers come to us with the purpose they’ll use the software to sell more vehicles, they are pleasantly surprised to see it can be used to boost service as well. How? Well, with Salesforce properly installed and configured your team has access to things like:

Deeper customer histories

Having your technicians ask customers questions they should know the answers to already is a waste of everyone’s time. It also tends to make customers feel frustrated. With Salesforce your team has access to records about previous visits or interactions – even if they met with a different department or stopped by another dealership within your group. Which means your service staff can get working faster and handle more volume.

Automatic scheduling and follow-ups

Using smart Salesforce Service Cloud features, your service team can schedule common appointments (with the right locations and durations) for customers with a single click. Or, you can let customers set their own appointments using your website. Either way you get more accuracy and control, along with fewer missed appointments, while spending less time on each interaction.

Firmer control over time, inventory, and costs

Although Salesforce gets a lot of attention for its revenue-producing features, the CRM can also incorporate employee scheduling, inventory control, and financial reporting (as a few examples). Naturally, that functionality can be used in a lot of different ways. What it really comes down to, though, is that you can gain a higher level of control over everything that’s being done in your business.

More customer conveniences

While we have largely focused on the things Salesforce can do for you and your employees directly, the reality is you can use it to provide a better customer experience, too. When visitors to your service department get faster care, better scheduling, and automatic reminders they tend to be happy. Therefore, leads to repeat visits and referrals, helping you stay more profitable.

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