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Why auto dealerships are moving to Salesforce

Until recently, it was very common for auto dealers to simply rely on the generic, all-in-one software solutions provided by manufacturers. Lately, however, many of those on the leading edge – our clients included – have begun making the move to Salesforce as their customer relationship management (CRM) package of choice.

Why is it that the leaders are trending in this direction? And why is it that we think the majority will be scrambling to catch up in the next few years? It won’t surprise you to know that the answer comes down to bottom-line benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider making Salesforce a part of your auto dealership.

A better CRM means a smoother sales process

Salesforce gets its name from the advanced features it offers to sales teams. Imagine being able to pull up customer history, schedule a series of calls and emails, or predict customer behavior with the click of a mouse. When you have the right software it becomes easier to make more sales, at higher margins and with less hassle. The right CRM offers real and sustainable revenue growth… all while removing day-to-day costs and inefficiencies.

When sales and Service come together, good things happen

Amazing as it is, most of the auto dealers we work with have completely separate sets of files for their sales and service teams. That means one half of the business never knows what the other is up to. With Salesforce you can integrate all the information you need and share across departments in real time. That makes every part of your dealership more profitable.

Auto dealers need more control over customer data

You probably have a close relationship with your automotive group, but that doesn’t mean they should have control over customer records and marketing insights. If your priority is to make your dealership as competitive and profitable as possible, then you need to have access to your own CRM and all of its most important features. Otherwise the really important decisions are never in your hands.

Salesforce Is infinitely adaptable

For some auto dealers Salesforce is all about following up with potential customers who visit the lot. For others, it’s a way to integrate sales, service, and multiple locations. You might use it to close B2B and fleet sales, or even to manage marketing campaigns with AI-assisted buying models. The software is so powerful and adaptable that it can fill gaps you didn’t even know existed in your business.

Want to know more about your CRM options? 

Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever considered what you could do with Salesforce in your auto dealership. Or, perhaps you have been looking into advanced CRMs but don’t yet have the information you need to make a good decision. Either way, our team of developers and auto industry specialists can help.

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