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The hidden benefit that makes auto dealers love Salesforce more

One of the interesting things we have found, as the industry leader in Salesforce implementation for auto dealers, is that there are primary and secondary benefits. To put this another way, new clients tend to come to us for one set of reasons, but eventually find there are also other advantages that were completely unexpected.

It’s like they get a bonus that keeps on giving even after we get them up and running. To help explain why this is, and what these hidden benefits look like, let’s explore both sides of the equation. We’ll begin with the things you might already know about transitioning to a high-level CRM that you control.

Why auto dealers are migrating to Salesforce

Usually auto dealership owners and executives come to us because they realize they have been missing out on an important sales tool. Once they get a sense of what’s possible with the right CRM, they want to do things like:

  • Sell more cars and trucks with better data tracking and scheduling tools
  • Use their CRM to manage their service departments and make them more profitable
  • Improve customer communication and automate certain follow-up messages
  • Better manage employees across various departments and locations

These are all solid, bottom line-focused goals that are entirely achievable. And, they speak to the high-level concerns most auto dealership owners and executives share. However, these aren’t the only things you’ll love about switching to Salesforce.

The secret reason you’ll love Salesforce after you switch

Naturally, our first priority is making sure you get the benefits we’ve already mentioned. However, we suspect even after that point there are things you’ll love about our work.

That’s because Salesforce can do a lot of things. In particular, it has the capability to:

  • Replace other tools that might be more expensive or harder to use
  • Make your entire sales, service, and management staff more efficient
  • Lower costs associated with labor, marketing, and inventory month after month
  • Give you more access to important data in easy-to-understand reports
  • Let you manage your dealership from any phone, tablet, or computer

These are all ways of saying that in addition to making your auto dealership more profitable, Salesforce also takes some of the stress and hassle out of your life. Over time that can actually end up feeling like the bigger benefit, and the one many of our clients love best.

Ready to learn more?

If you want to know more about Salesforce, and specifically how it can make your auto dealership more profitable, contact us for a free demonstration and consultation. That way you’ll get a look at what we’ve been able to do for other businesses just like yours, as well as one-on-one answers to your most pressing questions.

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