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Streamlining Salesforce implementation for auto dealers

Suppose you are an auto dealership owner or executive who wants to start using Salesforce to win more customers, boost revenue through your service department, and get better control over data and schedules. One of the first things you might ask yourself is how easy or difficult the transition to a new CRM will be. This is an issue that comes up frequently in consultations with new clients, once they understand what Salesforce can do for them, they are eager to make the switch. But at the same time, they worry about potential disruptions to their existing business processes.

The first thing we try to help them understand is upgrading to Salesforce is simpler and more cost-effective than they tend to imagine. We can say this with confidence because we have helped dozens of other auto dealers follow an established process. The next thing we like our clients to know is the process is largely driven by their decisions. In other words, it can be as simple and easy as they want it to be. To give you a sense of what we mean, let’s look at a few things you can do to make Salesforce implementation easier.

Commit to the project

Change can be difficult, particularly if you’ve gotten used to a certain way of doing things over several years. For this reason, you might be tempted to put off your Salesforce upgrade when you see an actual proposal. The message we give our clients is to think about the advantages you provide your team, working with better data, automated workflows, etc. They always end up pleased they made the choice to move forward.

Decide and agree on top goals and priorities

Very few businesses of any kind will take advantage of every Salesforce app or feature. In fact, trying to do so might end up causing more distractions than benefits. Be transparent about what you want to accomplish from the beginning. Then, you can meet with your implementation partner and customize the software in a way that helps you achieve measurable growth.

Put a decision maker in charge

Your Salesforce implementation partner might have questions for you during the progress of the transition and configure different settings or workflows. Having a single point of contact within your company makes it easier to respond quickly and speed the project up. Typically, the role is given to an owner or executive who knows different parts of the dealership and the underlying business goals to be supported.

Choose the right implementation partner

Finally, remember that getting the most from Salesforce is all about configuring it for your business and then giving your team the right training. That’s where a company like ours can make all the difference. We’ll ensure your auto dealership is set up correctly with Salesforce from day one, and that you and your employees know how to use the features and apps you have chosen.

Ready to learn more about Salesforce for auto dealers?

If you’re thinking about making Salesforce a part of your auto dealership – and boosting your revenue in the process – then you will likely have several more detailed questions. We are here to help. Contact SaltClick today to schedule a free consultation.

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