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Salesforce implementation for the auto industry

At SaltClick, we have developed a reputation for being the number one choice for Salesforce implementation in the auto industry. But if you haven’t worked with a firm like ours in the past, you might be wondering: what does that actually mean?

The short answer is we help auto dealers get more from the world’s most powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software. But if you are just learning about Salesforce, this simpler description might not be that helpful. So, in today’s post we are going to unpack a couple of helpful details so you can better understand our work.

Understanding Salesforce as a CRM

Before we get to our work it’s important to know just what Salesforce can do. Although it’s generally described as a CRM, it can do so much more than keep track of customer data. It can also help you manage schedules, stay on top of inventory, boost service revenue, and even use advanced analytics to maximize marketing campaigns.

In other words, it does all the things you wish your manufacturer-supplied software suite would. The versatility and complexity of the software make it entirely adaptable to your needs. But that’s where the capabilities and challenges come together (and the role of a vendor like SaltClick comes in).

How Salesforce implementation works

Salesforce is such a robust application, with so many dozens of features and uses, Fortune 500 firms use it as the base for all of their operations. However, that kind of power means it’s going to take a little bit of work to get things set up and running the way they need to be for your specific business.

That’s where a Salesforce implementation partner comes in. Our firm specializes in helping auto dealers make the most of the platform. We do things like:

  • Set up and install Salesforce so it works correctly from the first day
  • Help our clients integrate specific apps and features they need for their dealerships
  • Design and refine workflows so you and your team can manage complex tasks within a few clicks
  • Provide ongoing support to keep your dealership running smoothly even as you change and grow

Think about it this way: just as you might have built your auto dealership website on a platform like WordPress – which is used by millions of businesses but can be adapted to your needs – we configured Salesforce for our auto dealership clients. We are like web designers in a way, except what we create is a more profitable, efficient, and integrated business.

Does your auto dealership need Salesforce? 

If you think your business could benefit from using Salesforce, or just want to learn more about the kinds of results we have helped auto dealers achieve, then we want to help. We invite you to check out our straightforward report outlining the reasons so many dealership owners and executives are making the upgrade. Or, for more complete answers and insights, reach out to the SaltClick team today.  We're happy to schedule a free consultation that includes a demo and real-life case studies.

Achieve your business goals with SaltClick

Get in touch to learn more about our Salesforce solutions and how we can help you.

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