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Salesforce customization for dealerships

Salesforce customization means modifying Salesforce features, functionalities, and user interfaces to match your specific business needs and processes beyond the platform's out-of-the-box configurations.

What does Salesforce customization include?

  • User interface changes: Tailoring the look and feel of Salesforce to provide dealership staff with a more intuitive or familiar experience.
  • Adding new fields and objects: Creating new database fields or entirely new objects to capture dealership-specific data.
  • Workflows and process automation: Designing and implementing automated processes to mirror your dealership's unique processes.
  • Integration with other systems: Connecting Salesforce with other business software such as dealer management systems, inventory platform, email providers like Gmail, and more gives you even more visibility into your business and customers.
  • Apex code development: Writing custom code for more intricate requirements that can't be achieved through configuration.
  • Lightning component development: Creating custom pages, components, and visual experiences.

Examples of what can be customized:

  • Dashboards: Tailored dashboards to provide dealership specific insights at a glance.
  • Role-specific views: Configuring unique layouts for different roles.
  • Approval processes: Designing a multi-step process that aligns with your dealership's operations.
  • Reports: Generating reports that cater to your business's needs and the metrics that matter to you.
  • Custom mobile experience: Adapting Salesforce mobile views for field operations.

Why is Salesforce customization needed?

Every dealership has unique needs and processes, which standard Salesforce functionalities may only sometimes meet. Our job is to ensure you don't over customize, so you don't get a solution that's hard to maintain or understand. Here is how Salesforce customization can help your dealership:

  • Efficiency: Streamlining operations and reducing manual tasks.
  • Integrations: Ensuring Salesforce works seamlessly with other critical dealership systems.
  • User adoption: A more tailored system can increase user satisfaction and adoption rates.

Poorly implemented customizations can degrade system performance. And a heavy reliance on custom code can lead to dependence on specific developers or teams. Our Salesforce Automotive experts can help you identify where customization can have the most impact.

How SaltClick can help with Salesforce customization

  • Expertise: We bring knowledge of best practices and experience from multiple dealership implementations.
  • Strategy development: We help you identify the right balance between out-of-the-box features and customizations, so your costs stay lower and you don't end up with features you don't need.
  • Training: We offer tailored training sessions for dealership staff to understand their customized system.
  • Maintenance and Support: We can provide ongoing support to ensure customizations remain effective and compatible.

Have questions about customization? Let's talk.

While Salesforce customization can provide a tailored platform to a dealership's needs, you must approach it strategically. We can be a valuable partner in navigating this journey, offering our industry expertise and support at every step. Contact us to get started.

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