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Salesforce announces Automotive Cloud Launch Partners

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, announced Salesforce Automotive Cloud, new technology to help OEM manufacturers and dealers enhance their relationships with customers, manage product lifecycles, and guide the customer journeys, all on a cohesive platform offering maximum visibility into the customer journey. The automotive industry has long been in need of creative and effective technology solutions to keep up in the age of online buying experiences. What is the best strategy to succeed? It is to provide an exceptional customer experience regardless of how they choose to shop for a new vehicle. The value is not just winning a one-time customer but creating a customer for life.

In addition, vehicles themselves are collecting more useful driver data than ever. In effect, vehicles are one of the most powerful electronic devices people are using daily. From an article written by Salesforce about how data will be key for the auto industry, Achyut Jajoo, SVP and GM of Manufacturing and Automotive Sales at Salesforce says, “By harnessing the wealth of customer and vehicle insights from connected vehicles, automotive companies can deliver better offerings and personalized experiences at scale to improve the lifetime value of customer relationships. It’s no surprise that the companies agree that it’s their best bet to improve customer service (Salesforce, 2022).”

Why is this news?

After a fairly solid run of sustained demand, auto sales are beginning to slow. This has leaders in the automotive industry looking closely at ways to drive innovations in doing business in the digital age. Less than one in five auto companies feel that their current digital strategies are adequate to serve the current customer landscape. Meanwhile, 99% of customers are dissatisfied with the traditional auto buying experience. They want a simplified online experience with accurate pricing, online quoting, and even the ability to secure financing without having to deal with the traditional on-lot experience where customers feel they are being tricked into spending more than they had budgeted. That transparency and streamlined experience is the primary customer demand but just 24% of automotive leaders reported that the prices on their website consistently matched what customers end up paying on the lot.

In short, the industry is ripe for innovation and disruption and Salesforce Automotive Cloud is focused on meeting the challenges facing today’s automotive industry while keeping ahead of the demands that will be coming from a more connected and technically sophisticated buyer’s market.

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