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Salesforce advisory services for dealerships

SaltClick's advisory services help businesses, including dealerships, navigate the complexities of Salesforce implementation and user adoption. By offering expertise and strategic recommendations, our team ensures you get the most value from your Salesforce investment.

What can Salesforce Advisory services do for you?

You can get advice on Salesforce best practices. We can help you customize Salesforce to fit your dealership's specific needs. Our automotive experts can connect Salesforce with your other business tools like inventory management and dealer management systems (DMS). Additionally, our Salesforce super users can train your staff on how to use Salesforce most productively, so you're getting the most value out of your investment.

How do Advisory Services help dealerships?

One of the big advantages of advisory services is efficiency. By getting the right guidance from the start, you reduce the time you spend on tasks with best practices and streamlined workflows. Another benefit is maximized ROI. Salesforce is an investment. If it's not set up correctly, your teams may work around it or slow down because Salesforce is too customized and introduces unnecessary complexity. We listen to your needs and can configure Salesforce to support you and your customers.

With technology advancing so fast, it's important to work with a Salesforce partner who understands your current needs, but also has their pulse on the future. We help dealerships crawl, walk, run, and design systems that can scale without the dreaded growing pains.

Pitfalls for dealerships and how SaltClick's advisory services can help:

Dealerships, like any other businesses, can face Salesforce implementation challenges without an experienced partner who knows their industry. Some of those pitfalls include:

  • Misalignment with business processes: Without expert guidance, a dealership might set up Salesforce in a way that doesn’t mirror their sales or service processes. Our advisory services ensure the platform aligns with your business.
  • Data migration issues: Moving data from old systems can be time-consuming and riddled with inaccuracy. We ca an provide guidance or solutions to ensure data integrity.
  • Poor user adoption: If your staff doesn't understand or like Salesforce, they won’t use it. Our training and customization can improve user adoption rates.
  • Over-customization: While Salesforce is highly customizable, doing too much can lead to a complex system that’s hard to maintain. We can help find the right balance balance.
  • Lack of integration: Dealerships might use other systems alongside Salesforce. Without integration, efficiency is stunted. We can recommend and assist with necessary integrations.

If you're currently dealing with these issues, or are thinking about implementing Salesforce for the first time, book a free call with us. We're happy to answer your questions and show you examples of the work we've done for others in your industry.

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