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Salesforce adoption: The psychology of turning skeptics into advocates

5 Salesforce adoption strategies

Introducing new software into your company’s routine can like trying to convince your grandma to switch from her landline to the latest iPhone. Resistance is inevitable. But with the right tactics, even the most tech-averse can become passionate Salesforce advocates.

Salesforce… some hail it as a one-stop-shop solution for managing customer relationships, sales, marketing (and much more). Yet, for every enthusiast, there’s a skeptic.

Change isn’t easy. Most of us avoid it when we can. But not worry. Dig into 5 strategies that can help you turn naysayers into Salesforce champions with minimal growing pains.

Executive sponsorship

This isn’t just about getting leadership to sign off on the software. It’s about getting them to wave the Salesforce flag. Leadership behaviors greatly influence group norms. This is the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” effect. If leadership values and uses Salesforce, it’s perceived a must (and eventually a plus).

Executive Sponsorship Activity

Leadership Testimonials: Have a few executives share their positive experiences with Salesforce, either in a video or a written format to make the abstract endorsement more tangible.

Recognize and reward

Ever noticed how much more enthusiastic you are about household chores when there’s a cold beer or a slice of cake waiting for you at the other side? Apply this principle at work.

Shout outs in team meetings, a small bonus (think gift cards or swag), or even just a well-timed, “Hey, great job with that Salesforce X (list what they did)!” can do wonders for motivation.

Gold trophy, confetti and starts

Tip: Operant conditioning. By rewarding a behavior (using Salesforce), you’re reinforcing that behavior and making it more likely to occur again.

Recognize and reward activity:

Salesforce Star of the Week: Recognize a weekly top performer who’s excelling at using Salesforce. This public recognition not only motivates the individual but also inspires others to get going.

The super user group

Remember those kids in high school who just got Physics while the rest of us trudged through it?

Every org has those people when it comes to tech. Find them. Train them. Then, unleash these champions to guide their peers, answer questions, and spread their infectious enthusiasm.

Tip: Peer influence. We’re more likely to adopt behaviors or tools if we see our peers benefiting from them.

Office workers eating lunch and drinking coffee

Super user group activity:

Lunch & Learn: Organize regular sessions where Salesforce super users share tips, tricks, and success stories. Doing this enhances learning and adds subtle (positive) peer pressure to engage more with the platform.

Feedback channels

Salesforce can feel overwhelming. Set up spaces where users can vent, seek advice, or share their ‘Eureka!’ moments. Knowing there’s a support system and a space for their voices to be heard can make all the difference.

Tip: The need for autonomy and competence. Giving users a platform to voice concerns and get answers makes them feel in control and competent in their Salesforce journey.

Women typing on a laptop in Slack

Feedback channels activity:

Feedback Fridays: Dedicate a day where users can freely share their experiences, challenges, or suggestions. It can be a short meeting or a designated time where people drop comments about their experience in Slack (or a similar forum).

If you’re worried that users won’t submit candid feedback, you can anonymize their responses through surveys, polls, and other tools.

Customization is key

Salesforce is flexible. So, if the out-of-the-box version feels like you’re trying to fit an elephant through a key role, tweak it. Make the platform echo your organization’s lingo and workflow. Need help with this? Optimization is our forte.

Tip: Familiarity breeds comfort. By aligning Salesforce with your company’s existing processes and language, you’re making it more intuitive and reducing the cognitive load.

A group of people in an office brainstorming

Customization is Key Activity

Customization Workshops: Organize brainstorming sessions where teams can voice how they’d like Salesforce to be customized for their specific workflows.

Final thoughts on Salesforce adoption

Implementing new software is never just about the tech. It’s a dance of human behaviors, habits, and psychology. By understanding the minds of your users and integrating exercises to drive adoption, you’re you ensure your teams use Salesforce and learn and grow through the process.

Ready to supercharge Salesforce adoption?

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