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One underrated aspect of switching to Salesforce

The chances are good that if you have found your way to our website it’s because you are considering Salesforce as the CRM of choice for your auto dealership. You are likely interested in making the switch so you can sell more cars and trucks, get more service revenue, and cut out embarrassing mistakes like double-booking customers for appointments. Other benefits might be welcome, but probably aren’t the focus of your research.

That all makes sense, and lines up with the things new clients tell us all the time. However, it’s worth pointing out the hidden or underrated advantages of using the right customer relationship management software. And so, in today’s post we want to tell you about a minor aspect of Salesforce implementation you might not have thought of yet: your employees are going to love it...

Let’s look at why that is. And then we’ll get to the more important aspect, which is why this can be a big deal for you and your dealership.

Sales and Service are easier with the right tools

For the most part, your employees probably want to do their jobs with a minimum amount of hassle. When they have the right tools – like customer records that are updated accurately in real time – it’s easier for them to execute. That reduces frustration and makes everyone on your payroll a little more productive.

Your dealership becomes more focused and organized

Auto dealerships are busy places. At any given moment you and your team might be dealing with a new product rollout, a unique financing offer, or a holiday-based promotion. One of the big benefits of switching to Salesforce is that it makes it easier to pay attention to short- and long-term goals rather than getting distracted by repetitive tasks or technology-related limitations.

Everyone can stay connected and updated

We have had clients tell us that they first turned to SaltClick because they felt like they were running several different dealerships – one for each location or department. With Salesforce, however, you can manage everything from schedules, meetings, and inventory from one portal. That makes it easy for you to keep all of your employees and managers working together on the same page.

A Happier staff leads to a profitable dealership

As we have already mentioned, you are probably interested in upgrading to Salesforce for reasons that have to do with profitability, not employee satisfaction. However, it’s never a bad thing to have your team working with high morale.

Once your employees start to know and love your CRM, good things begin to happen. They are that much more likely to stay with your dealership, to bring trusted friends and colleagues on board, and to buy into your vision for performance. More sales for you means bigger paychecks for them, which helps you recruit and retain the best people.

In short, there are some really great bottom-line benefits that come with having a happy staff. Using Salesforce as part of your dealership’s profit strategy is a good way to realize them.

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