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Nonprofit membership management with Salesforce

When it comes to Membership Management, nonprofit organization have a lot of options. Most are pre-packaged applications, where your organization has to adjust the way you manage your members to fit the processes of the software. Some have some basic customization options, but the core methods are built in. But they all have some limitations when it comes to customizing. Here are the three primary reasons we recommend nonprofit organization to use Salesforce for Membership Management.

1. Most Customizable CRM in the Market

Every organization is different, and we don’t think you should change your entire way of doing business to fit the model of an application. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t refine and improve your processes. In fact, when you’re evaluating software to streamline your processes, that’s a great time to re-evaluate your business processes and improve them. With Salesforce, we’re able to customize it specifically to you needs. The Salesforce CRM is built on the Lightning Platform which gives us unlimited customization options and allows us to build completely solutions for any type of business or nonprofit.

2. Power of Us Program provides the first ten licenses at no cost to qualifying nonprofits as part of their Power of Us program. That’s close to a $20,000 a year value. And additional licenses are heavily discounted, making it affordable to nonprofits with any budget. We have worked with nonprofits with less than 5 employees and some with over 300 employees.

3. Integration with Other Applications

A typical organization uses multiple applications. Whether that’s your accounting system, ticketing, event management application, or your marketing automation system, there is a good chance it will integrate with Salesforce. You also have the option to build some of those applications right into Salesforce, so your users don’t have to jump from one platform to another.

If you are a nonprofit looking for a membership management solution, you should evaluate Salesforce. You are getting the world’s #1 CRM with all of its customization, automation, and integration options at an amazing value. Close to 90% of customers report that using Salesforce has improved their ability to achieve their mission. For us, it seems like an easy choice but let us know what you have experienced with other software or Salesforce when it comes to managing your members.

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