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Is Salesforce a good CRM?

Salesforce is a leading CRM. But to assess its effectiveness, you need to look at your organization’s needs and goals. In this blog, we’ll break down why Salesforce is a good CRM and how to vet it for your organization. 

  • Salesforce offers comprehensive features and customization options. 
  • It’s widely regarded as a leading CRM platform in market analyst reports and consistently scores high marks with customers. 
  • Salesforce is known for its flexibility and scalability. 
  • It helps remote and mobile workforces, stay connected and get more done. 
  • Salesforce offers a single source of truth for data. It integrates with many business tools and systems and has a broad partner ecosystem. 
  • In addition to its customization capabilities, the platform is known for its community and customer support. 

5 reasons why Salesforce is a good CRM 

Salesforce has widespread adoption and high customer satisfaction scores. It offers a range of customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, including sales management, customer service, marketing, automation, and analytics, making it a solid choice for companies of all sizes across industries.

Now, let’s look at 5 reasons why companies select Salesforce as their CRM of choice. 

1. Salesforce is super customizable.

One of Salesforce’s key strengths is its level of customization. You don’t have to settle for anything out of the box. We can tailor it to meet your specific needs. So, if your employees need custom reports, dashboards, and workflows, it’s all possible. Salesforce works with you. Unlike other CRMs that lack sophisticated customization, you won’t have to struggle against the technology or find time-consuming (or expensive) workarounds. Salesforce consultants can mold the tool to fit how you work and the people you serve. At SaltClick, we do this by taking a user-first approach. We understand your current business processes, what’s working, what isn’t, and your goals to build a solution that fits your needs and goals. Our Salesforce experts create solutions that reduce complexity, flatten steep learning curves, and decrease disruption.

2. Salesforce is accessible from anywhere. 

Imagine a company with a large field sales team. The team travels to meet clients, assess their needs, and close deals. They rely heavily on accessing customer data, sales records, and inventory information while on the road. With a mobile-optimized system like Salesforce, your sales team can access up-to-date customer information even when away from the office. With it, they can gain precious time. They’d have to call the office for information or wait until they can access a desktop. With a mobile-optimized CRM like Salesforce, your sales teams can access the latest information about client preferences or inventory levels during meetings. And they can instantly access and update data from anywhere to avoid miscommunication and lost deals. 

3. Salesforce is flexible and future ready. 

Salesforce makes growing your business more accessible, even as your customers and sales processes get more complex. You don't have to overhaul your CRM infrastructure to handle these changes. With Salesforce, adding new tools is simple. For example, if you need help meeting customers' needs and wants, you can integrate marketing automation tools to help you work smarter and improve your customer experience. Plus, Salesforce can grow with your business. It keeps adding new technologies like AI, so you don't have to keep buying new systems or spend lots of time learning new things.

4. Sales integrates with multiple apps and solutions. 

You can connect Salesforce to the tools you're already using, making work smoother and centralizing data in one actionable system. Salesforce's API-driven integrations allow you to build custom solutions to support how you work and those you serve.  Salesforce has many users, developers, and partners. Their AppExchange is like a big online marketplace where you can find apps to enrich your Salesforce experience. These apps add functionality and maximize the value you get from the platform. 

5. Salesforce’s customer support and community. 

Salesforce has exceptional customer support and a community of users and experts. Many of SaltClick's team members are active in the Salesforce community.Your users can join this community to solve problems, learn the best ways to do things and find experts for your specific Salesforce needs.What's notable about Salesforce is its focus on helping its customers succeed. They offer resources like Trailhead, their online learning site, videos, and quick guides to make learning the tool quicker and easier. 

At SaltClick, we take this a step further. We're known for our training and documentation. We make sure your team can use Salesforce and enjoy working with it. We don't just make changes for the sake of it. Instead, we focus on your team's needs and goals. We customize only where it makes sense, so you’re not stuck with a system that's too complex or hard to maintain. 

Experience the SaltClick difference.

Thinking about custom solutions? Have Salesforce and want to know how you can reap its total value and benefits? Our experts can help. We have a deep knowledge of Salesforce, but our user-first approach sets us apart. 

Our team assesses how you use your current business tools and what you don't like about them. We identify gaps and friction. Then, we shape Salesforce to fit you perfectly so you save time and money by not having to adapt to a solution that doesn't suit your needs. 

Book a call with us and discover more. You won't regret it!

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