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How Salesforce solves two of your dealership’s hidden problems

There are a lot of obvious reasons to use Salesforce as the CRM of choice for your auto dealership. With better control of your data, and the selling process as a whole, you can move more cars and trucks at higher margins. The software also lets you keep tighter control of your customer database to forecast future sales and service visits.

It won’t surprise you to know these are the things most auto dealership owners and executives have on their minds when they meet with us. What they may not realize, however, is that Salesforce also solves hidden problems that they didn’t even realize existed until after the fact.

What are these unseen issues that can be resolved with a better customer relationship management platform? Let’s look at a pair of them…

Hidden Problem #1: Huge Amount of Wasted Follow-Up Time

When a potential customer visits your dealership, or sends an online inquiry, there is the chance to sell a car or truck. However, it’s usually the case that only a small percentage of those interactions will turn into solid sales opportunities. Meanwhile, your team might spend hours following up on them.

Salesforce includes a number of automated tools that make it easy for your employees to schedule reminders and contacts. In fact, with the right workflows they’ll be able to keep in touch with potential buyers automatically, giving them more productive time that can be used to engage with the prospects who are ready to buy.

Hidden Problem #2: Sales That Slip Through the Cracks

Even worse than spending too much time on sales follow-up is failing to engage prospects at all, or doing so without having the right information. These mistakes can lead to situations where customers who might have been won get away because they weren’t contacted quickly enough, or with the right information.

Salesforce helps to solve this issue, as well. Since your sales team can schedule a series of follow-up activities with a single mouse click, a full contact strategy can be accessed immediately. They’ll be able to see notes on previous interactions at any time – even if the customer has worked with another salesperson or department. These advantages greatly increase the odds that they’ll be able to secure sales that might have otherwise gotten away.

Want to Eliminate These Issues in Your Auto Dealership?

Regardless of whether you have noticed or measured losses associated with these two issues in the past, they probably affect your bottom line. As we’ve already mentioned, several of our clients have told us how happy they are to be running more smoothly and efficiently after they made the Salesforce upgrade.

If you’d like to enjoy some of these hidden benefits in your business, the first step is to learn more about what Salesforce can do. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Either way, you’ll get a glimpse into a new technology that puts you miles ahead of your peers and competitors. Book a personalized demo.

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