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How Salesforce pays for itself quickly

If you’re thinking about upgrading to Salesforce as your CRM of choice, you might be concerned about the costs involved, as anticipated. We meet very few auto dealership owners and executives who don’t have to keep one eye on the bottom line at all times. However, while you will have to budget something for your transition to Salesforce, we have a couple of good news for you. The first is that it’s probably a lot less expensive than you might think (contact us for a quote if you want more specifics). The other good news is that Salesforce implementation tends to pay for itself very quickly.

Feeling skeptical? Let us give you a few of the biggest reasons you might see a rapid ROI after upgrading to an advanced customer relationship management platform…

First, You Start Selling More Almost Immediately

Salesforce can do a lot for your auto dealership, but one of the biggest and most immediate benefits is that your sales and service team will be more organized. With access to an all-encompassing customer information – not to mention scheduling tools and other extras – you should see a noticeable bump in the revenue coming through your dealership. Naturally, this is the payoff our clients tend to be most interested in. It’s also the improvement they tend to recognize most quickly.

You Might Save Money With Salesforce

Selling more cars and generating increased service revenue is a great start but it’s not the only way Salesforce can pay for itself. There is also the chance that you’ll be able to save money in your dealership very quickly, as well.

How can your CRM help you cut costs? You might be better organized and able to schedule fewer receptionists and service technicians. Or, you might keep a tighter lead on inventory. Perhaps you will be able to move customers through various appointments more quickly, or spend fewer hours on customer follow-up and marketing. If you’re like most of our clients you might be able to stop paying for other apps you’ve been reliant on. The possibilities here are virtually endless, and the savings usually become apparent over time.

There Are Other Bottom-Line Benefits

Finally, there are some other financial benefits to using Salesforce that are harder to quantify or measure directly. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Once you have your auto dealership running smoothly, turnover is decreased across all departments. That means less money spent on recruiting, onboarding, and other personnel costs. Additionally, because you have fewer sales and service delays, customer satisfaction and retention go up. That might lead to more repeat buyers and referrals. You could also find yourself spending less on administrative tasks, or benefiting more from online and offline advertising.

Again, these are a bit harder to predict and measure, but the sharper your dealership is the better it’s going to be for your bottom line. That’s why Salesforce implementation can be incredibly profitable over time.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Want to know more about the potential benefits of upgrading to Salesforce? Contact us today so we can schedule a free consultation, complete with customer testimonials, case studies, and personalized answers to your biggest questions.

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