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7 things most auto dealers don’t know about Salesforce

We often find that the auto dealership owners and executives we meet with have heard of Salesforce but aren’t entirely familiar with what it is or what it does. They may have heard that they need to check it out, but might not be sure about the benefits. In order to help clear up some of the confusion, we want to use today’s post to share seven big-picture details most auto dealers don’t know about Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software. Let’s begin with the simplest point of all.

1. Salesforce is a CRM (and more)

At its core Salesforce is a way of keeping track of data. You can use it to store and analyze customer records, for example. Additionally, you can also use it to schedule service appointments, keep track of calendars, follow up sales activities, create task lists, maintain inventory, forecast revenue, and so much more.

2. Salesforce helps you close more customers

Most of the time auto dealers are convinced to switch to Salesforce because they want more customers, bigger sales, and higher margins. While the CRM can handle a lot of tasks (see above), this is an area where it really shines. Even if you are only interested in boosting revenue in your dealership, making the switch to Salesforce would still be a good idea.

3. With Salesforce you can share info across departments

Do you wish you were generating more and consistent sales through your service department? Or do you struggle to get various departments or teams to share data effectively? Salesforce provides a simple answer to both issues with real-time updates. That means you can keep sales and service on the same page, even across multiple locations.

4. You can use Salesforce for scheduling

Salesforce has powerful scheduling features that help you, your customers, and your sales team. For instance, you can automatically schedule follow-up calls, set service appointments for the right length of time and personnel, or invite different parties to join a meeting. It also means improved efficiencies and fewer sales falling through the cracks.

5. Salesforce runs on mobile devices

While a lot of auto manufacturers provide software that only runs on certain workstations, Salesforce can function from any web-enabled device. You and your employees can access your dealership on phones, tablets, or computers and even switch between devices, as needed.

6. Salesforce has AI-driven tools

The world’s biggest brands are already using artificial intelligence to do tasks like schedule marketing activities or score different sales opportunities. Now you can do the same, and without investing money in supercomputers. That’s because Salesforce offers a number of tools with AI capability built in.

7. Salesforce is all about the set up

For all the wonderful things you can do with Salesforce, it’s important to note that getting the software configured correctly for your specific dealership and team is crucial. Hire the right implementation partner (like SaltClick) and you’ll be up and running seamlessly in no time. Go without that help, and it might take months or longer to see the benefits.

Ready to get started? 

These are all good things to know about Salesforce. What really matters to you, however, is what it can do for your dealership. Contact SaltClick today so we can schedule a customized demo and introduce you to some advanced features that might transform your business in 2024 and beyond.

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